Montag, November 06, 2006

Grüezi in Züri!

Yippie! I just booked the train tickets for our 2 day trip to Zürich on Nov 22nd ! One hour after my last exam we're going to sit in a nice ICE on our way to the land of cheese and chocolate, mountains and cows! AAAAAAH I already feel relaxed while thinking about it!

However this won't only be a holiday trip. Actually i'm going there to meet up with a professor at the University of Zurich to talk about the possibility of writing my diploma thesis there. Fortunately a fellow student of mine, Katharina, works for this professor and she's offered us to stay at her appartment for 2 days. That's great since Zurich, just as whole Switzerland, tends to be overprized for poor German students.

I'm already excited to see what Zurich and Switzerland is like. I hope I won't burst out laughing when I hear the first Swiss talking Swiss German. It sounds so funny! :)