Samstag, Juli 01, 2006

World's highest railway track opened in Tibet

Today the world's highest railway track was opened. It connects the Tibetan capital Lhasa with Golmud in Qingshai in China and it's been the largest railway building project of this century so far.

The highest point you can pass on this line is the Tanggula Pass at an altitude of 5072 metres. Therefore the cabins are supplied with oxygen and the windows have ultra-violet filters. The track is build on pieces of permafrost ground which melts in summer, so they had to build cooling pipes which assure the ground stays solid throughout the year.

A ticket from Bejing to Lhasa costs 389 yuan (I have no idea how much that is... Kent?) and it takes about 48 hours.

Besides this line being a scenic trip I 'd love to make someday you have to consider the damage it might cause to Tibet, it's environment and culture, since more migrants from central China are about to move to Tibet now.

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