Samstag, Juli 22, 2006

It's getting hot in here...

A little bit less than 1 year ago in India, I remember me saying that "Next year I'll enjoy the nice rainy and cool German summer, without moskitos and without having to switch on a fan for the night."

Alright... it's the 3rd week with temperatures above 30°C now. The hottest day in Koblenz so far was last tuesday with 36.8°C. Of course that's still a lot less than in India at that time of the year. But pleeeassseeee, why can't we have a normal German summer???
I'm talking of 22°C, sun with some candyfloss clouds (is that expression common outside of Germany?) and a light breeze. You can ride your bike without grilling your bum! You can actually leave your flat before 6pm without being burnt in 2 seconds! You don't have to sit in a darkened flat all day. You can sit on a chair without feeling sweat running down your legs.

And the worst of it all? NO FANS! NO AC! Gooooosh, I wish I was in India right now!