Samstag, September 16, 2006

Things I want to do after my exams

Folks, i'm frustrated! I've spent the last 3 months sitting at my desk and staring at the monitor or on a book or lesson script for a change - haha. That's a real good way to miss out on the whole summer, miss spending time on the banks of the Rhine with friends, or having Italian icecream and a BBQ outside. I've not been to my hometown for 6 months now, which is the exact time I've been to India. At the end of my exams in mid November it's going to be 8 months*. Great. At least I'm able to look forward to spending christmas at home.

What keeps me up and running is the imagination of all the things I can do after my exams! The world will be open to me! No more books tying me to my desk! No more nightmares of failing exams. That's why I decided to make a list of things I would like to do after my exams - and I hope this list will motivate myself for the upcoming 4 oral exams.

There we go:

I'd love to...
... spend a day by the sea, facing the rough salty winds, collecting sea shells and taking tons pictures of lighthouses (I LOVE LIGHTHOUSES!).
... visit Amsterdam for a weekend.
... do an (in every way unlimited) shopping tour through Cologne.
... go shopping in Ikea a whole day long.
... do a Germany tour to visit my friends and relatives in Bonn, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Paderborn, Leinefelde and Kitzingen.
... organize a Bollywoold-Movie-Night for my friends.
... spend one night in a splendid hotel and loot the mini bar.
... spend a camping weekend on a lake with Ben.
... bake everything I ever wanted to bake but I never had time for.
... cook exotic food I always wanted to cook but never had time for.
... create a new design for my blog.
... create a new design for Ben's blog.
... repare my bike. (That's the last item because it's almost work, isn't it?)
AAAAH, now i'm motivated again! C'mon Johanna, let's get into NURBS and surface trimming!

... My list could be a bit longer though. What are your ideas for a perfect relaxing but exciting day after an almost never ending period of studying and being caved at home? Your suggestions are more than welcome!

* That phrase sounds kinda weird. I just don't know how to get the tenses right here, sorry Kent ;)