Samstag, August 19, 2006

Has terror finally arrived in Germany?

On July 31st two "suitcase bombs" were found in regional trains in Germany. One in Dortmund, and one in Koblenz (ya, that's were I live). The bombs consisted of a liquefied petroleum gas container and accelerants.
I didn't mention it on my blog because I thought that's only another stupid person trying to blackmail the Deutsche Bahn (German railway company). I was glad not to be forced to take a train that week though.

So now, there's news... apparently this was planned to be terrorist attack.
The police says the impact of that bombs would have been the same as in Madrid in 2004 (191 dead) or London last year (52 dead).

Great news.

The only reason the attack was unsuccessful was that the bomb builders made a construction mistake. The bombs were kindled, but did not go off. (At least they're not the brightest ones.)
They should have exploded simultaneously 10 minutes before the arrival. But since they didn't, train staff brought the left suitcases to the lost and found offices, where they found out about the bombs.

The suitcases contained white powder and notes in an Arabian language... now that sounds ridiculous! If I'm a terrorist and I'm about to blow off two bombs - in regional trains that nobody uses in Germany, but however - would I forget my shopping list written in some Arabian language in that suitcases?! Would I put white powder you can only buy in Arabian shops in those suitcases?! And in the first place - would I be too stupid to build a working bomb?

Well, maybe we'll get to know more about the 2 suspects soon. One of them was caught at the main station in Kiel (up in the north of Germany) this morning. He could be identified with the help of a video surveillance.

I still don't know what to think about this whole thing. Terrorists usually don't make mistakes like that. Or do they but we don't get to know about it, because on TV they only show the big attacks?
Why did the suspected terrorists select Koblenz and Dortmund? I always thought the main targets of terrorists are big world known cities - have you ever heard of Dortmund or Koblenz before (before you met me ;) ??
And why right now? What's different about Germany now than the years before? Is it the Middle East crisis? Or what?

Can anyone tell me please if I'm supposed to be afraid now? I still don't feel like it's dangerous to use public transport. Or to go to big populated places. Should I be?